I’m sitting here on New Year’s Eve thinking of you and I felt a strong urge to send you a message.

I could not grasp the concept of the message with my conscious mind (but I could feel it in me) so I let go and channeled this message for you: 

“You are sitting on a pot of gold. You have so much available within you that you have yet to realize and actualize. Why do you wait? Why do you hold yourself back? What is within you that you have not actualized yet? You came to this earth to actualize and express your innermost being and all the gifts you possess.  What is stopping you from being and doing what you came here to do? You are perfect the way you are right now AND there are parts of you ready to be actualized.”

Wow! I was not expecting this…but if you take a minute right now and really let these words sink in, I think this message could be a wonderful jumping-off point for 2020! 

And…I wasn’t planning this…but because of this channeled message predicton for 2020, I’ve created a special blog post to support you in realizing and actualizing your gifts and abilities which I will post soon. It is my idea for an online psychic & intuitive development program for women.

The empaths sensitives are the intuitives of the world and I want to support and guide you in developing your abilities in a safe & grounded environment. 

Sending love, light and positive energy to you right now,