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Author. Lightworker. Healer. Channeler. Psychic. Indigo. Artist. Bellydancer. 


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Thanks for visiting my spiritual living blog, Eykis Blue. You’ll find a wealth of information here.


I have a metaphysical library for you to further your journey into different spiritual topics and traditions.


I also have a spiritual blog that is updated frequently with information about healing, spiritual, and new thought topics.


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I see the world differently than most, but like most of you reading this. I was born with insight, psychic gifts that have allowed me to not only perceive truths about life but see with my mind’s eye, things that will happen in the future, and things that have occurred in the past. I am a powerful receiver and transmitter.


I move energy. I was born the witch of the tribe, the healer, the seer. I have a duty to help raise the consciousness of this planet and help you embrace your gifts, and I take that duty seriously. The way of the medicine isn’t a toy, it’s a sacred gift, and it helps to have a sense of humor when you embrace its truth.


I have trained as a traditional channeler / medium.  I’m also a trained remote viewer  in ARV associative remote viewing and CRV – Controlled Remote Viewing, as developed by the U.S. military and CIA. I’ve studied shamanism, different types of clairvoyance, and the Monroe style of astral projection.


I’m also trained in various types of energy healing, including Reiki, yoga, and meditative disciplines, and am a life-long student of New Thought, and LOA, the Law Of Attraction. These are the gifts I was given and was blessed to be trained in to share with the world.


I channel the Sephirah Raziel Metatron, a soul collective that call themselves “Eykis Blue.”  When I asked them what Eykis Blue meant, they replied, “I kiss you,”  I think they thought they were being cute, so I just went with it. 


They Eykis Blue collective offers prophesy, predictions and prayers of light and healing. 


The Eykis Blue collective me fills me with  mind-blowing insights about real-reality and offer solid life advice. They have some crazy and exciting things to say about the coming clear-sight decade of the 2020s.  I believe it’s going to take a lot of insight to get through these challenging times.  


To read my channeled material, please visit my Channeled Messages page. 


My goal is to spread light, love, and truth throughout the world and help lift the veil of confusion by sharing information of light so true happiness and perfect knowledge can expand in humanity and envelope the world.


I also want to share with you what I know and share real instruction on how to develop and use your gifts so that you can create your beautiful life in the way you desire.


I seek to embody the Divine Feminine mysteries, giving tangible form to the ethereal realm of goddesses and medicine women. I resonate with the medicine of the Dakini. I teach through metaphysical tools that support an array of practices, traditions, and faiths, for both the experienced shaman and the novice practitioner.


I wish to strengthen your skills of crystal healing, divination, circle keeping, soul retrieval, shamanic journey, psychic attunement, Reiki mastery, chakra alignment, moon magic, and soul pathing and refine your knowledge of numerology, astrology, and angel numbers.


My intention behind each offering, every class, and all content is to cultivate love, light, and healing for the Highest Good of All. My deepest desire is to spread magic. Through my writing, online courses, and material offerings, I wish to help others cultivate and maintain sacred space in their lives for peace, healing, and abundance.


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This is only the beginning.  I hope you share with you my healing arts and knowledge and the art of intuitive marketing so that we can all lead a richer life!♦  Kat♥Smith


This transmission is intended to support your Sacred Spiritual Union, which represents the perfected sacred marriage between the inner divine masculine and divine feminine principles within your energetic system.


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Eykis Blue